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Frequently Asked Questions

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User Guide "Step by step make a booking"
Start by adding your required
Enter all the neseccary data on the system in order to check availability and prices with us.
Select your room
Here you can check Availability and Prices with our hotel in real time either to select your rate plan.
Add your info
In this section you can submit all the neseccary details (your personal info) about your reserving room as well you can submit your credit card info
Review your booking
Review all the information that you submit on the preview step before you send the booking to the hotel.
Your room is Booked
In this section you have complete your booking.
My Booking: Modify / Cancel / See your reserve room
In this section you can view your reservation or modify your booking or either cancel your resarvation .

By using our Online Booking System
How i can book a room through the system ( ?
Through the first page of our system you can select the period (Check in & Check out) that would you like to travel and the type of room (Room type), the number of adults and children as well you can select a rate plan category (please note each rate plan include special booking conditions).
What is the rate plan ?
The rate plans are displayed during your booking procedure and infect the room rate of your selection (Per night). Each of active rate plan include special booking conditions and these conditions are displayed under the main search engine during your search on the rate plan (Drop - Down Menu). Some wellknow of these rates plans categories are:

  • Early booking reward
  • Non refundable
  • Travel agencies rates
  • Last minute discount
  • Rates included a car
  • etc.

  • However note: hotel reserve the right to modify a reservation if user(s) not follow the desplayed booking conditions (of the selected rate plan).
    Tell me about the cancelation policy through the online system ?
    The calcelation policy of your reservation displayed during your booking procedure, however note the cancelation policy is infected if the user have use a rate plan (it's rate plan is include special conditions). Please read very carefull the reservation conditions (Cancelation policy) of your room before you submit a booking.
    Can i add any special equipment as: a baby-cot on my reserve room ?
    During your booking procedure you can add several optional extras as baby cot, Transfer arrangement, flowers etc. Some of these optional extras are free of charge and some others with charge the cost of each extra are displayed in the column by the name Cost. If you request any other optional extras which is not desplayed during the booking process, you can reguest it posting your note at the field by the name "Comments" this will be appear on your confirmation email once your booking has been confirmed. On these extras you can select the quantity and automatic our system will include or not include the cost in the total price of your booking.
    Can I modify a confirmed booking ?
    Through the page My Booking ..., you can change room type, dates, add any additional persons etc.
    Please note our hotel cannot guarantee you will receive the same rate as your original booking. Rates change frequently based the room type and the periods. You will also be asked to provide a description and details of the changes you wish to make. Go to here to amend your booking.
    What is the promo ticket displayed on the main engine ?
    Promo tickets are created and active only by our reservation team. With these tickets you can get special promotion reservation in our hotel.
    I am a travel agency can i use your system in order to submit a booking ?
    Yes, is easy to submit a booking by using the rate plan by the name "Rates of Travel agencies". Then you can contact with us in order to inform you about your travel agency commission.
    I have a booking with you hotel is possible to arrange a transfer ?
    First of all users during their booking procedure can add several extra optional as well the transfer arrangement, these extras are displayed at the page in the column by the name "Extra service".
    Here you can select the quantity and automatic our booking system will include the cost of the transfer in the total price of your room. The details of your transfer (as time of the arrival, number of the flight or name of the boat) the user can submit it at the text field by the name "comments". Also these information you can send them be email or .

    Online System Rates
    Lowest Rate Guarantee ?
    By making a direct booking with our hotel means that you get the best available rates on internet (and you avoid the commissions on your room rate). Please compare our rates with others well-known online as ... / / / / ... etc. Also you avoid any others hidden charges through our platform.
    Our hotel will offer you as log you desire free stay in our hotel (Please note totaly free of charge), if you find a better rates on Internet through one on line booking system or a travel agency.!
    Which credit cards are accepted for my reservation ?
    Our hotel accept only Visa and Mastercard for online bookings. During your booking procedure you can select the credit card type that you prefer to submit.
    The rates are include all taxes ?
    All rates are in euros. All our rates on the system are include all taxes and breakfast, taxes as: city taxe 0,5% and vats 2%. If not this is going to be displayed during your booking procedure.
    How it's work with the rates plans rates ?
    By using our rates plans categories you can get very good deals and offers (rates plans as: early booking discount / Non refundable rates / former clients etc.), please note that each rate plan category include special booking conditions. We recommend to book through our online

    More Terms & Conditions about the Online booking engine (
    Can i book a car or a tour through the system ?
    Through our system is very easy to book as well a car or a tour.
    Your system is keep any data of my personal info or any credit card details ?
    No, all the personal details & credit card datas are delete it from our engine. As well note, our system is secure and use SLL tegnology during your booking procedure.
    I have use a rate plan but i haven't the right to do so (As example "Former clients"), what next ?
    Always our hotel review each submited booking with a rate plan however: Our hotel reserve the right to cancel or to modify a reservation if the user not follow the desplayed booking conditions (of a selected rate plan) during the booking process.
    Why is better to make a booking directly with the hotel ?
    First of all, by making a reservation directly with the hotel, mean that you avoid any kind of commission fees, (Many well known onlines bookings systems on internet, add on your room rate an additional commission -15% up to -20% per reservation. As well promise: that their service is totaly free of charge however they forget to mention about the commission adds.
    Can i get a discount or a "rate plan rate" through one online system as & ... etc. ?
    No, all rate plans categories listed on our on line system are valid and active only for bookings made through our hotel (We don't make any exception to this).
    Some of these well known on line booking systems are: / / / / / / ... and many others.!
    The online engine is displayed "Rooms are available up on reguest" what i must do ?
    Send us an email by using the following email address or in order to provide you availability .
    Online Booking System Terms & Conditions
    We ask you to read our Online Booking Terms & Conditions as well our user guide. If this is your first booking experience with our system and you are confuse we reccommend you to contact with us by email or by phone.
    Don't forget to compare our hotel rates with others famous onlines bookings systems...!